10 New facts regarding the early twilight of my life

Yeah, so I wanted to use the word “twilight” in the title of my post…sue me, Summit.

I actually wanted to use early twenties but that is a band of local origin.  I can neither vouch for nor condemn the music they produce but the name resonates with me for reasons beyond my control and there is a funny story:  


me:  Haha, The Early Twenties, well that’s better than The Late Twenties!  Being in your late twenties suck.  (I’m sorry, I was just making a dumbass comment, I have no idea what being in your late twenties is like so of course I’m just talking out of my ass)

random chick on porch:  Excuse me, I’m in my late twenties!

me:  Oh…(nervous laughter sounding like I’m trying to cough), I’m just kidding.  Sorry 😛

Yeah…not too funny but funny in a embarassing way.

But, now to the ten!  It is not the “twilight” of my life but I really want to reference the Twilight hype of my life so just bare with me…

As sung by Tim Kasher, read-listen-learn:

Yesterday came and went and I wasn’t present (1)
The weeks were laid out like pavement
Work and drink and sleep, repeat (2)
Upon the beaten path
I kept on my blinders…
don’t need any old reminders (3)
No face. No Name. No memories. (4)

If you love it, you leave it
’cause you hate that you need it (5)
It’s the one thing you can’t have
you’re too self absorbed to change
always, “My way.” (6)

Tomorrow could come and go
and I’d sleep right through it (7)
I’m not searching for self improvement
I’m sticking to the beaten path
Here and there I come across an old acquaintance-
some old flame, some old burn victim (8)
I remember I need to forget
everything I ever said to you
If I could take it back-
I’d eat every word (9)
You want to feel like all those others feel,
but you won’t- and you never will
All that you love you lose (10)
You do. 


1. Read forthcoming novel, “I Didn’t Read the Directions: Why I applied to grad school and law school at the same time while simultaneously loosing my mind”

2. See: Gainesville FL, college town, kareoke, happy hour, Old Milwaukee

3. If you will:  “A becoming is not a correspondence between relations.  But neither is it a resemblence, an imtitation, or, at the limit, an identification.” Deleuze and Guittari, A Thousand Plateaus.  1987, University of Minnesota Press.  Minneapolis. p.  237.

4.  Read Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”.  

5.  Phillip Morris can eat a dick

6.  I want to make love in this club, hey, in this club, hey, in this club, hey oooooh

7.  November 27 through 30, 2008.

8.  Gainesville, Fl – Population 25.

9.  Lookup portmanteau; see the evolution-of-man-through-cooked-food theory

10.  Recession.  Florida lost 100,000+ private sector jobs, added 9,800 government jobs.


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